ILIAS Solutions specialises in the development, implementation and maintenance of information management solutions to support defence and humanitarian aid operations.

Itigate is sourcing ILIAS’ their 24x7 ICT monitoring (servers and network).

This allows ILIAS to provide best-in-class support towards their customers, by allowing a low cost round-the-clock follow up of ILIAS’ critical IT systems.

Tessenderlo Group

Tessenderlo Group is an world-wide specialty group that provides solutions for global needs in food, agriculture, water management and efficient (re-)use of natural resources. The group is a leader in most of its markets, primarily serving customers in construction, agriculture, industry and health and consumer goods end markets.

Itigate is sourcing several key consultant specialists in the IT infrastructure area of Tessenderlo Group.


DAMOVO is a leading provider of technology and service solutions in the enterprise Information Communication Technology (ICT) arena. DAMOVO has 30 years’ experience in designing, delivering and supporting complex communication networks and integrated business applications.

Itigate is supporting DAMOVO’s business by providing key specialists for specific knowledge areas in the IT infrastructure area (networking & server & remote monitoring & management).



OMNINET is the company behind the leading Service Management tool OMNITRACKER.

OMNITRACKER is a professional helpdesk, service management, CRM and "Action and Request" tracking system, which is applicable to a wide range of different service organisations and applications, and can be adapted very quickly, easily and economically to suit the customer's systems and business processes.

Itigate is supporting OMNINET’s Belgium business by providing ICT support in the IT Infrastructure area.